Visit to Amsterdam 2015

There were seven players in the touring team this year. We played two Matches, the first against the West Amsterdam club, the second against De Uil at Hillegom. The base camp for this year’s trip was the Prinsen at 36-38 Vondelstraat, close to Vondel Park.

West Amsterdam (Thursday 19th Febuary)

The first match on Thursday evening was played at the West Amsterdam club located close to the famous Vondel Park in the west of the city. The venue was within walking distance of the hotel, but it meant venturing across the unlit Vondel Park. The match was a close fought contest, with the match finishing level at 3½ - 3½.

BdWest AmsterdamELOResultSt AlbansELO
1Remco Hillebrandt19680 - 1Ian Gooding2064
2Paul Scheermeijer1926½ - ½Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell1968
3Rob Scheermeijer1925½ - ½Ian Cross1784
4Frits Veenstra17891 - 0Paul Lawrence1744
5Marlo Coolen17080 - 1James Palmer1784
6Rob Thijssing1550½ - ½Ray Claret1480
7Geert Renkema14301 - 0Peter Baker1360
3½ - 3½

De Uil (Saturday 21st Feb)

The second match on Saturday afternoon was played against our friends at the De Uil club in Hillegom. This meant taking the train from Amsterdam to Den Hague centraal station, then changing platforms to catch the train to Hillegom. The match was a resounding win for St Albans by 5½-1½.

BdDe UilELOResultSt AlbansELO
1Ad Reijneveld19930 - 1Ian Gooding2064
2Marcel Bolhuis17500 - 1Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell1968
3Henny van Eeuwijk1839½ - ½Ian Cross1784
4Richard Copier17811 - 0Paul Lawrence1744
5Cok Ippel16580 - 1James Palmer1784
6Jan Plomp14580 - 1Ray Claret1480
7Peter Kaptein13510 - 1Peter Baker1360
1½ - 5½