Amsters Travel Club

Foreign Secretary:    Ian Cross

Beginning in 2001 a small band of chess enthusiasts,"The Amsters", from St. Albans Chess Club, has ventured into Europe each year to create links with other Clubs and play a match or two in a spirit of friendly rivalry.  At the same time we aim to have a really great time ourselves as can be seen in the photo's kindly provided by Jeremy. 

You might ask the poor people of Amsterdam, "What they have done to deserve such frequent visitations from us?" We put it down to the friendly reception that we always enjoy on our visits.

We like to include a players from a wide range of playing strengths and we request our hosts, as well as they are able, to put up a team to match our grades so that all games are well contested and above all enjoyable.

New players are welcome to join our party and additional information can be requested by contacting the tour organiser, Ian Cross.

Please, don't feel that you have to be a strong player. You only need to be an enthusiastic and experienced player, who wants to accept a new challenge and have fun.

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