Visit to Prague 2010

Visit date: Thursday, 18th - Monday, 22nd February 2010

A team of eight players from St Albans club played two of the city’s chess clubs. Both matches were played at the hotel Kampa where the St. Albans team were staying, and which offered excellent playing conditions.

The hotel provided comfortable accommodation in a central city location near the St Charles Bridge and had a distinctive character, with medieval weaponry and suits of armour on prominent display. There was a break in the cold winter weather during the trip, so much of the snow was melting, leaving icy conditions under foot. Prague has a castle, an historic Jewish quarter, the old town and many other tourist attractions, so there was plenty to see.

Match v PORG (Friday, 20th February)

The first match on Friday 19th Feb was against the PORG club. The 7:30 pm start restricted the playing session to three hours (90 minutes per player). Our hosts fielded a strong side, with 5 players rated above ELO 2000 (ECF 175), and secured a comfortable victory by a margin of 7-1. J.Fraser-Mitchell saved the team’s blushes with a win on top board against a strong opponent. After the match, the team sought consolation in a nearby bar.

BdColPORGELOResultSt AlbansELO
1WMartin Pribyl23230 - 1Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell1992
2BJiri Kratky21141 - 0Ian Gooding1984
3WOndrej Spurny20821 - 0Chris Majer2056
4BPavel Matocha20161 - 0Paul Lawrence1856
5WMichal Spacek20141 - 0Ian Cross1680
6BPavel Ruzyak19771 - 0Ray Claret1656
7WPetr Skocdopole14001 - 0Terry Douse1672
8BPavel Klubert16341 - 0Peter Baker1400
7 - 1

Match v Nemcova sisters (Saturday, 21st February)

On Saturday 20th Feb the team played the Nemcova sisters. It was an unusual experience to play a predominantly female team, especially one featuring five sisters. The early start of 5 pm allowed a generous five hour playing session (40 moves in 2 hours and a 30 min. allegro finish). The team achieved a notable victory by a margin of 6-2, scoring 4 wins and 4 draws. J.Fraser-Mitchell secured a draw on top board against another strong opponent, while the rest of the team improved on their results from the previous match!

BdColNemcova SistersELOResultSt AlbansELO
1BOldrich Vedral2303½ - ½Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell1992
2WKristyna Nemcova2009½ - ½Ian Gooding1984
3BMartin Rmoutil19470 - 1Chris Majer2056
4WKarolina Nemcova1940½ - ½Paul Lawrence1856
5BVaclav Nemec1871½ - ½Ian Cross1680
6WKamila Nemcova14000 - 1Ray Claret1656
7BKarin Nemcova14000 - 1Terry Douse1672
8WEva Nemcova14000 - 1Peter Baker1400
2 - 6