Visit to The Hague 2008

This was the club’s first visit to ‘The Hague’ after previouly having made three visits to Amsterdam. The site-seeing highlights in the city were the Mauritshuis Art Gallery (Dutch old Masters collection) and the Escher Gallery (featuring Wood Carving exhibits).

The team’s hotel was the IBIS, Den Haag, which had an ideal location, close to Grote Markt for trams, bars and restaurants, near the central station and the city centre for shops. Despite the fact that the team lost all of the chess matches played, our visit to the city was an enjoyable experience.

  1. Discendo Discimus Match (The Hague; Thursday, 21st Feb)

    The venue was the “National Chess Centre” , a building of historic interest in the centre of the Hague for a chess club steeped in history. There were display cabinets full of trophies and chess memorabilia.

    The match result was a 5 - 2 win for our hosts.

  2. S V Promotie Match (Zoetermeer; Friday, 22nd Feb)

    The S V Promotie Club are based in Zoetermeer (“sweet lake”), about 15 km east of ‘The Hague’. The team played a two round Match, with 45 minutes each player, per match.

    The result of the two matches were: Round 1 : 5½ – 1½ win for SVP Round 2 : 4 - 3 win for SVP

  3. De Uil Match (Hillegom; Saturday, 23rd Feb)

    On the Sunday the team travelled to the De Uil Club in Hillegom, about 60 km north of ‘The Hague’.

    The match result was an emphatic 5 - 2 win for De Uil