Match Details

H&D U120 League

14 May 2012: St Albans v Letchworth & Hitchin

Bd St Albans Grade ECF Result Letchworth & Hitchin Grade ECF Resumption
1 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F 0-1 Butina, Darko 97 281983B
2 Baker, Peter C 92 233361C 1-0 Eva, Harold 98 183207E
3 Copner, John 93 266732A 0-1 Heath, David 97 147150J
4 Pugh, David X000012 1-0 Heath, Tessa 63 278639E
Match Score:  2-2
Number of games incomplete:  0

U120 St Albans v Letchworth

Author:  Keith Feldman

Date:  22 May 2012

On Board 1, Keith (White) played Queen’s Gambit (declined). Queens were exchanged on move 19 and White gained a pawn on move 23. In the endgame, Black’s bishop was constrained to a couple of squares, defending Pawns on the a and c files and the position favoured White – given his additional Pawn and the manoeuvrability of his Knight.

An unforced blunder by White, however, allowed Black to exchange his Bishop for the Knight – which enabled Black’s King to capture White’s Queenside pawns. White couldn’t prevent Black from Queening his a-pawn, so White resigned.

Peter Baker, on Board 2 played Black against Harold Eva. Play during the first 40 minutes was close, with White having a slight edge. Then Black gained a Knight and continued to launch a very powerful piece-winning attack, which led to White's resignation.

On Board 3, John Copner, playing White, had the initiative for much of this lengthy game, with a strong and sustained attack. However, this momentum was lost after Black pinned White’s Bishop against the King. Several checks resulted in the further loss of White’s Knight, his game crumbled and White resigned.

On Board 4, David Pugh as Black mated his opponent after 13 moves.