Match Details

HCA League Division7

30 Apr 2012: St Albans 6 v Letchworth & Hitchin 4

Bd St Albans 6 Grade ECF Result Letchworth & Hitchin 4 Grade ECF Resumption
1 McMahon, Austin 117 115351B 0-1 Butina, Darko 97 281983B
2 McConnell, Phil 120 285386D 1-0 Heath, David 97 147150J
3 Pines, Chris 116 253269E ½-½ Eva, Harold 98 183207E
4 Hayward, Peter 104 187852K 1-d default
5 Baker, Peter C 92 233361C 1-d default
Match Score:  3½-1½
Number of games incomplete:  0

St Albans 6 beat Letchworth & Hitchin 4

Letchworth defaulted on Boards 4 and 5

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  22 May 2012

The Letchworth team captain had telephoned Peter Baker the day before the match to let us know that they would only be fielding a team of 3 - and they mistakenly got the impression that the match would be played over just 3 boards (whereas in fact Letchworth had defaulted on Boards 4 and 5).

It's perhaps fortunate for us that we picked up 2 wins by default, as on the evening Austin McMahon lost while Chris Pines only managed a draw. Phil McConnell's match was adjourned with Phil having a rook and 7 pawns against his opponent's knight and 6 pawns; the resumption took place on 21 May, when Phil won without any scares.