Match Details

HCA League Division7

30 Jan 2012: St Albans 6 v St Albans 7

Bd St Albans 6 Grade ECF Result St Albans 7 Grade ECF Resumption
1 McMahon, Austin 117 115351B 1-0 Colacino, Angelo 108 286406L
2 Pines, Chris 116 253269E 0-1 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F
3 McConnell, Phil 120 285386D 1-0 Smith, Andrew 77 282804C
4 Hayward, Peter 104 187852K 1-0 McConnell, Tom 76 286407B
5 Baker, Peter C 92 233361C 0-1 Colebourn, James 90 266974C
Match Score:  3-2
Number of games incomplete:  0

St Albans 6 v St Albans 7

30 January 2012

Author:  Phil McConnell, Peter Baker, Keith Feldman

Date:  02 Feb 2012

St Albans 6 was at home to St Albans 7 - an early opportunity for the 7th team to assert their grade superiority after the tied match 2 weeks previously.

Peter Baker, 6th Team captain, decided beforehand to rest himself and play Keith Feldman (the 6th Team reserve) on Board 5. However on the night the 7th team were a player short, so he sportingly "gave" Keith to the 7th team, playing himself on Board 5. The outcome was "interesting".

On Board 1, Austin and Angelo played a closely-fought contest which was adjourned. At the adjournment, Austin had a queen, two rooks and five pawns against Angelo's queen, two rooks and four pawns, and Austin also has a superior pawn formation. In the adjourned game Austin made good use out of his material and spatial advantage, and once the Queen and Rooks were exchanged, Angelo resigned on move 63.

On Board 2, Chris played the Slav defence to Keith's Queen's gambit (declined). On move 23, Chris allowed his bishop on f6 and knight on h6 to be forked by Keith's pawn on g5 (losing the knight). Chris's further loss of a pawn (due to a pin) on move 40 was enough to allow Keith to put considerable pressure on Chris's pieces around e7. Keith's attack meant that Chris had to sacrifice his queen on move 53 to avoid mate, and he resigned shortly thereafter.

On Board 3, Andrew played a very capable game preventing Phil from asserting his 43 point grade superiority. At the adjournment both players had two rooks and four pawns, with Phil having a very slight edge with a passed a-pawn, and Andrew's g pawns being doubled. After the adjournmet Phil quickly developed a winning advantage with one pair of rooks exchanged, and Andrew resigned on move 56 when it was inevitable that Phil would queen his a-pawn.

On Board 4, Peter Hayward countered Tom's attack with a double-pronged attack that led to a neat checkmate.

On Board 5, the game between Peter and James was very equal with no errors on either side. However James had won a time advantage, and with Peter only having around 10 minutes left on his clock, James mounted a strong attack and played very well to force a resignation from Peter.