Match Details

HCA League Division7

16 Jan 2012: St Albans 7 v St Albans 6

Bd St Albans 7 Grade ECF Result St Albans 6 Grade ECF Resumption
1 Colacino, Angelo 108 286406L 0-1 McMahon, Austin 117 115351B
2 Colebourn, David 107 266742D 1-0 McConnell, Phil 120 285386D
3 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F ½-½ Pines, Chris 116 253269E
4 Smith, Andrew 77 282804C 1-0 Hayward, Peter 104 187852K
5 McConnell, Tom 76 286407B 0-1 Baker, Peter C 92 233361C
Match Score:  2½-2½
Number of games incomplete:  0

St Albans 7 v St Albans 6

16 January 2012

Author:  Austin McMahon & Phil McConnell

Date:  17 Jan 2012

The match between St Albans 7 and St Albans 6 was drawn 2.5 - 2.5. For St Albans 7 this was a great result, as they were out-graded by an average of 16 points per board. For St Albans 6, this was a disappointment - losing their 100% record for the season - though they still top the division three points ahead of Little Heath 2 (who have a match in hand).

Board 1: A sharp game developed, but unfortunately Angelo lost a rook in the end game and he resigned a piece down.

Board 2: Phil gained a pawn advantage in the early middle game, but David played very accurately to re-gain the pawn and subsequently gain a further pawn - which was a sufficient advantage to win the end game.

Board 3: In a pawn locked position, Keith won an important h pawn and a draw was agreed with Chris shortly afterwards.

Board 4: Andrew won Peter’s Bishop and remained a Knight up in a pawn ending. Peter found he couldn’t exchange off all the remaining pawns and inevitably had to resign.

Board 5: A tight game came down to Peter's knight and 6 pawns against Tom's bishop and 6 pawns - and which point Peter seriously considered Tom's offer of a draw. However Peter correctly judged that the knight held the advantage on a board congested with pawn chains, and, with Tom's bishop blocked in by his own pawns, Peter's knight eventually broke through Tom's defence.