Match Details

H&D U120 League

19 Mar 2012: Hemel Hempstead v St Albans

Bd Hemel Hempstead Grade ECF Result St Albans Grade ECF Resumption
1 Sargent, Paul 116 172700L 0-1 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F
2 Hicks, Simon 112 286382A 0-1 Copner, John 93 266732A
3 Lightfoot, Steve 83 269713A 0-1 Turrall, Alexis 85 266731K
4 Roullier, Ken 72 261463H ½-½ McConnell, Tom 76 286407B
Match Score:  ½-3½
Number of games incomplete:  0

Under 120 v Hemel Hempstead

19th March 2012

Author:  Keith Feldman

Date:  19 Mar 2012

St Albans played away with white on Boards 2 and 4. The result was ½ (Hemel) – 3½ (St Albans).

Board 1 – Keith’s Sicilian defence was played with the fianchetto of both white-squared bishops, and both players defended the centre carefully. White later allowed black’s a-pawn to advance and, protected by both rooks and the queen, it couldn’t be prevented from queening on move 41. White resigned after a futile check on move 42.

Board 2 – John Copner’s game was fairly level although he had a two pawn advantage in the endgame. Black queened first, immediately followed by white. Black couldn’t, however prevent white from obtaining another queen, which forced mate shortly thereafter.

Board 3 – Details to come.

Board 4 – Tom, playing white, still had attacking chances when he was offered a draw. Since black was slightly ahead on material, this was accepted.