Match Details

H&D U120 League

07 Mar 2012: Little Heath v St Albans

Bd Little Heath Grade ECF Result St Albans Grade ECF Resumption
1 Heylen, Modesto 103 156433L 0-1 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F
2 Feldman, Terry 63 274475C 1-0 Smith, Andrew 77 282804C
3 Melidoro, Paolo P 80 289182H ½-½ James, Stuart 77 225259E
4 Lambert, Tom 41 276075H 0-1 McConnell, Tom 76 286407B
Match Score:  1½-2½
Number of games incomplete:  0

Under 120 Match v Little Heath

Little Heath 1.5 St Albans 3.5

Author:  Keith Feldman

Date:  07 Mar 2012

On Board 1, Keith’s (black’s) Sicilian Defence put his opponent under time pressure. White castled queenside and left his knight, queen and king on the diagonal controlled by black’s bishop on g5. The knight soon succumbed to the pin. In the remainder of the game all forces were concentrated on Keith’s passed pawn on f2. Keith blundered by not capturing white’s rook (after it had captured the queened f-pawn) – believing, incorrectly, that he faced a mating attack. White then offered a draw, but since Keith was still a bishop and pawn ahead, and white had little more than a minute on his clock (against Keith’s 37 minutes), Keith declined the offer. White lost on time.

On Board 2 as white, Andrew played the centre game (much too rapidly) and lost a minor piece in the opening. His position deteriorated fatally thereafter, and he was unable to resist a queenside mating attack.

Stuart’s game on Board 3 provided good attacking chances for both side but they agreed a draw.

Tom’s opponent on Board 4, playing rapidly as black, completed all his moves in 30 minutes. After an exchange of pieces in the opening, Tom found himself a minor piece ahead which, with a discovered attack, he converted into an overwhelming material advantage.