Match Details

H&D U120 League

20 Feb 2012: St Albans v Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum

Bd St Albans Grade ECF Result Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum Grade ECF Resumption
1 McMahon, Austin 117 115351B 0-1 Slobodyuk, Yuriy 119 241600B
2 Colacino, Angelo 108 286406L 0-1 Elder, Kidge 108 244093D
3 Feldman, Keith 102 281985F 1-0 Sampson, Tim 102 225241H
4 McConnell, Tom 76 286407B 1-0 Musk, Andy 80 281989C
Match Score:  2-2
Number of games incomplete:  0

Under 120 v Welwyn & Hatfield

2 - 2 Draw

Author:  Keith Feldman

Date:  20 Feb 2012

St Albans played at home with white on Boards 1 and 3 – Score 2 – 2.

Board 1 – Austin’s opponent lost 2 pawns in the opening. Later, however, he won them back and was a pawn ahead in the endgame. Austin, unfortunately, was very short of time and had less than a minute until his flag would fall. Under time pressure he inadvertently placed his queen on a square where it could be captured - and resigned shortly thereafter.

Board 2 – Angela lost a minor piece but had a very strong attack, which was well defended by his opponent. He could make progress by moving his rook up the g file but he failed to spot that this would lead to a triple fork (king, queen and rook). He resigned immediately.

Board 3 – Keith’s opponent was a few minutes late and although his clock had not been started seemed to be playing below his normal form. He made a series of blunders, losing pieces and the exchange. Checkmate was given on move 32.

Board 4 – Tom, playing black, took the initiative early in the game and won a minor piece advantage by move 13. He later improved this in an exchange leading to a rook advantage. With his queen and rook pair, he forced the opposing king up into the middle of the h file - but his opponent resigned just before checkmate.