Fixtures & Results 2021-22

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Team: u120 League

DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreBlog
Monday8 Nov 2021u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1St Albans 2W/L4-1
Tuesday16 Nov 2021u1600 LeagueU1600LWelwyn HatfieldSt Albans 1W1-3
Monday13 Dec 2021u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1HertfordW3-1
Monday17 Jan 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1Hemel HempsteadL1-4
Monday24 Jan 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LLetchworth & HitchinSt Albans 1L2½-1½
Monday21 Feb 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 2St Albans 1L/W1-4
Monday7 Mar 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1EnfieldW4-0
Monday21 Mar 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1Letchworth & HitchinW3-2
Tuesday5 Apr 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LHertfordSt Albans 1L3-1
Monday11 Apr 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LSt Albans 1Welwyn Hatfield4-0
Tuesday26 Apr 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LEnfieldSt Albans 1L4-0
Monday16 May 2022u1600 LeagueU1600LHemel HempsteadSt Albans 1W½-3½