Match Details

Juniors vs Adults Challenge

06 Jun 2016: St Albans Juniors v St Albans Adults

Bd St Albans Juniors Grade ECF Result St Albans Adults Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Gemmell, Adam 1-0 Jones, Tim Submit
2 Cham, Aidan 0-1 Pugh, David Submit
3 Garelick, Matthew 1-0 Cham, Andrew Submit
4 Dowdeswell, William 0-1 James, Stuart Submit
5 Houlden, Archie 0-1 Magee, Freddie Submit
6 Winter, Amelia 0-1 Thompson, Keith Submit
7 Wojcik-Jardzioch, Oksana 0-1 Phillips, Rosemary Submit
Match Score 2-5
Number of games incomplete:  0

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