Match Details

HCA U120 League

12 Dec 2012: Little Heath v St Albans

Bd Little Heath Grade ECF Result St Albans Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Chesworth, Michael 119 233948B ½-½ Feldman, Keith 111 281985F View
2 Heylen, Modesto 98 156433L 0-1 Baker, Peter C 94 233361C Submit
3 Moncreaff, Tom X000136 1-0 James, Stuart 83 225259E Submit
4 Melidoro, Franco F 90 290606F 1-d default
Match Score 2½-1½
Number of games incomplete:  0

Under 120 League

St Albans v Little Heath

Author:  Keith Feldman

Date:  14 Dec 2012

On Board 1, Michael (Black) played the King's Indian defence to Keith's Queen's Gambit. Michael attacked by advancing his Pawns on the Kingside but, after careful defence by Keith, lost his Pawn on the h file. A neat Knight combination regained the Pawn for Black and a draw was agreed after 38 moves with level material.

On Board 2, Peter (Black) captured Mod's Rook and, after one of many possible forks, captured the remaining Rook. Checkmate by Black followed when Mod had only 3 minutes remaining on his clock (when Peter still had almost half an hour).

Stuart lost a short game on Board 3 and Rufus defaulted on Board 4 as he had to revise for a Frech test the next morning.

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