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02 Oct 2012: Hertford v St Albans

Bd Hertford Grade ECF Result St Albans Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Green, David 117 164442H 1-0 McConnell, Phil 118 285386D View
2 Mountford, Corinne 117 253266K ½-½ Feldman, Keith 111 281985F View
3 Marshall, Duncan 116 234988H 0-1 Baker, Peter C 94 233361C Submit
4 Brewis, Alan 92 151006L 1-0 Copner, John 95 266732A Submit
Match Score 2½-1½
Number of games incomplete:  0

St Albans Lose to Hertford in U120 KO

Author:  Phil McConnell on behalf of Peter Baker

Date:  02 Oct 2012

On Board 1, Phil McConnell as Black played the Slav Defence, accepted the pawn sacrifice on move 4, and then got into a terrible tangle trying to hold on to the pawn advantage. Defeat was inevitable from about move 10, but Phil at least made his opponent work for his victory which came on move 59.

On Board 2, Keith Feldman sacrificed a Knight for two pawns and a king side attack, but his attack turned out to be not as devastating as he had calculated. He promptly offered a draw, which was accepted.

On Board 3, Peter gained a 2-pawn advantage. With his opponent starting to run out of time, he allowed Peter to fork queen and bishop with a pawn, which led to an overwhelming advantage.

On Board 4, John fought an interesting game which ebbed and flowed, with John eventually resigning two pawns down.

So, well played Hertford, but St Albans were disappointingly eliminated from the U120 knockout competition in the first round.

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