Match Details

HCA League Division 6

05 Nov 2012: St Albans 6 v Hertford 4

Bd St Albans 6 Grade ECF Result Hertford 4 Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Hebblethwaite, Dominic 130 291782J 0-1 Marshall, Duncan 116 234988H Submit
2 Walsh, Richard EW 124 256073C ½-½ Craddock, Paul 114 109019H Submit
3 Magee, Edward 123 253234H 1-0 Lynch, Mark 105 277695K Submit
4 Pines, Chris 120 253269E 1-0 Harris, John 104 112168G Submit
5 McConnell, Phil 118 285386D 1-0 Hulman, Ron 82 286383C View
Match Score 3½-1½
Number of games incomplete:  0

Div 6 - St Albans 6 beat Hertford 4 by 3½ - 1½

Author:  Phil McConnell on behalf of Chris Pines

Date:  08 Nov 2012

On Board 1, Dom established a strong position but was unfortunate to find himself up against the clock as well as an able opponent, and lost on time.

On Board 2, Richard sacrificed a central pawn in return for a positional advantage. His opponent, realizing that he would have to surrender the pawn advantage, settled for a draw.

On Board 3, Ed’s opponent rashly grabbed a pawn, and this resulted in Ed winning the exchange. Once most of the material had been exchanged off, and with it inevitable that Ed would queen a pawn, his opponent resigned.

Board 4 was a tense match, with Chris eventually gaining a pawn advantage in the end game. The match was adjourned, but Chris’s opponent was generous enough to resign without resuming, once he had analysed the position and realized that Chris would be able to queen the last pawn on the board.

On Board 5, Phil’s opponent blundered his queen away and resigned after move 12.

For SA-6, a satisfying win in our first game since getting promoted to Division 6.

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