Match Details

HCA League Division 3

06 Nov 2012: Watford 3 v St Albans 3

Bd Watford 3 Grade ECF Result St Albans 3 Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Miu, Marinel 155 270505K 1-0 Simmons, John 161 151018G Submit
2 Charles, Simon 153 108254B ½-½ Phillips, Jonathan 151 245169E Submit
3 Kalerwa, Edwin M 151 245885J 0-1 Cross, Ian K 147 109134H Submit
4 Russell, Chris 145 101334J ½-½ Palmer, James C 141 274032B Submit
5 Byrne, Chris J 137 107851D ½-½ Douse, Terry 132 155519E Submit
Match Score 2½-2½
Number of games incomplete:  0

SA-3 Draw Away to Watford 3

Author:  Ian Cross (deputising for SA-3 team captain Tim Acton)

Date:  07 Nov 2012

 Match Report
This was a solid team performance against a Watford 3 side that has  had a very good record against SA-3 in recent seasons.
Terry and James got the team off to an excellent start with two draws.
Board 3 was a tense encounter, with yours truly defending hard in the Black-side of a French Tarrisch Defence opening.
White deliberately unbalanced the central pawn formation, thereby giving both players attacking possibilities.
After defending most of the evening, I saw a chance of a counter-attack which Edwin underestimated.
This lead to a forced check-mate, making the Match score 2-1 to St Albans.
On top-board, John was playing a double-edged game with Black and tried a punt with b5!?
This led to an unbalanced pawn formation, with attacking chances for both players.
Unfortunately, John came off worst in the ensuing complications, and the Match was level at 2-2.
The deciding game on Board 2 was also very tense, however, the players agreed a draw to level out the Match.
Ian Cross

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