Match Details

HCA League Division 7

12 Dec 2011: St Albans 6 v Royston 4

Bd St Albans 6 Grade ECF Result Royston 4 Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 McConnell, Phil 120 285386D 0-1 Andrews, Arthur 114 253254C View
2 McMahon, Austin 117 115351B 1-0 Wasik, Des 101 134185G Submit
3 Pines, Chris 116 253269E 1-0 Hopkinson-Hughes, James 85 256033B Submit
4 Hayward, Peter 104 187852K ½-½ Sale, Chris 83 274483B Submit
5 Baker, Peter C 92 233361C ½-½ Wright, Rodney 79 225255H Submit
Match Score 3-2
Number of games incomplete:  0

St Albans 6 v Royston 4

Author:  Austin McMahon (with input from Peter Baker & Phil McConnell)

Date:  12 Dec 2011

Board 1. Phil McConnell made a mistake in the early middle game, and he ended up down by a knight and a bishop in return for 3 pawns. The game was adjourned on the night, but Phil decided that defeat was inevitable and resigned without troubling his opponet for a resumption.

Board 2. We agreed a quickplay game and my opponent had 40 minutes left on his clock while I had 5 minutes, but my opponent continued to rush his moves 'thinking during my time' as he did for most of the game' and blundered his queen. The rest was an easy mate with 3 minutes left on my clock, ample time, but not an experience I would want to repeat !!

Board 3. Chris Pines's opponent lost on time, with each having a rook and pawns still on the board.

Board 4. Peter Hayward amicably agreed a draw, with both having a Queen, Rook, minor piece and the majority of pawns still on the board.

Board 5. Peter Baker's game was adjourned with each side having a queen, a minor piece and 6 pawns, but with Peter having the better position (with one of his opponent's pawns isolated). On the resumption Peter rapidly forced the exchange of Queens, whereupon his opponent offered a draw, which Peter accepted in order to guarantee the match victory.

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