Match Details

HCA U120 League

14 Jan 2019: St Albans v Hemel Hempstead

Bd St Albans Grade ECF Result Hemel Hempstead Grade ECF Resumption PGN
1 Magee, Edward 112 253234H 1-0 Hicks, Simon 107 286382A Submit
2 Gemmell, Adam 99 295139D 0-1 Huhn, Robert M 100 113208J Submit
3 Feldman, Keith 88 281985F 1-0 Cooper, John L 80 292280A View
4 Munoz, Stefan 70 274488A 0-1 Roullier, Ken 74 261463H Submit
5 Maton, Emily 66 313055B 1-0 Shergill, Ranjit 60 303128H Submit
Match Score 2-2
Number of games incomplete:  0


Date:  15 Jan 2019

Board 5 is a game between reserve players. Although it is a proper graded game played under match conditions, it does not contribute to the match score.

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