Visit to Malta 2016

There were eight players in the our touring team this year. We played two Matches against different teams fielded by the Malta Chess Federation.

Our base camp was the Hotel Plaza Regency in Sliema. The accommodation was good and the hotel staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

Sat. 20th Feb - Match 1 (Qormi)

The first match on Saturday 20th February was played at the Malta Federation’s venue which was a school in Qormi. The match was a close contest, with St Albans narrowly edging the match by 4½ - 3½.

BdColMALTAResultSt Albans
1WPatrick Zerafa1 - 0Dr Ian Gooding
2BMario Psaila0 - 1Dr Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
3WJoseph Baldacchino½ - ½Chris Majer
4BMatthew Saliba0 - 1Ian Cross
5WIan Refalo½ - ½James Palmer
6BSamuel Herd½ - ½ Ray Claret
7WMatthew Conti1 - 0Terry Douse
8BChristian Conti0 - 1Peter Baker
3½ – 4½

Sun. 21st Feb – Match 2 (Sliema)

The second match on Sunday 21st February was played at the team’s hotel in Sliema. The match was another close contest, with the match finishing level at 4 - 4.

BdColMALTAResultSt Albans
1BDuncan Vella0 - 1Dr Ian Gooding
2WJake Darmanin0 - 1Dr Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
3BJohn Richards1 - 0Chris Majer
4WCosmin Alexa1 - 0Ian Cross
5BRon Sammut1 - 0James Palmer
6WMarcel Camilleri½ - ½ Ray Claret
7BMatthias Gatt0 - 1Terry Douse
8BDavid Gauci½ - ½Peter Baker
4 - 4