Silver Rook

The Silver Rook is the trophy awarded to the winner of the St Albans Chess Club Individual Championship and is held for one year.

All games played in this competition are ECF graded.

Qualifying Tournament and Finals

In its current format, the Championship comprises a first round of three rapidplay tournaments from which the top eight players progress to the quater finals of the knockout phase.

The competition begins in September and club members may play in any or all of the three first round rapidplay tournaments. The knockout phase takes place in May and June.


The Silver Rook had been purchased by the Club in 1900 as the trophy for the Handicap Tournament that had been introduced that year. After only six years of the competition, the Silver Rook was won outright (after winning it three times) and presented to Mr Townson to hold permanently.

In 1935, Mr Townson presented the Silver Rook back to the Club as the permanent trophy of the St Albans Chess Club Individual Championship, played on even terms.