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This season 8 players from Mechelen Chess Club, whom St Albans visited in 2013, came to spend a weekend in St Albans. They played two matches, the first on Friday evening and the second on Saturday afternoon. Both matches were played at the Goat Inn where they happened to be staying.

On Saturday evening the two teams enjoyed a meal at the Koh-i-noor Restaurant on George Steet.

Match 1

Friday, 22 May 2015, 7:30pm
The Goat, Sopwell Lane.
All moves in 80 minutes

St AlbansMechelen
1Geoff Hollis20880.5 - 0.5Arno Sterck1992
2Ian Gooding20730.5 - 0.5Bert Van Ael1912
3Aidan Ellis19380.5 - 0.5Thomas Schurins1773
4James Palmer18100.5 - 0.5Hugo Van Steenwinckel1615
5Craig Fothergill17050 - 1William Portier1536
6Terry Douse16681 - 0Daniel De Grauwe1371
7Peter Baker14131 - 0Dirk Verschueren1150
8Bob Goodall-1 - 0Marleen Sutens-
Total5 - 3

Match 2

Saturday, 23rd May 2015, 2:30pm
The Goat, Sopwell Lane.
35 moves in 1hr 30mins + 15 mins QP

St AlbansMechelen
1Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell19831 - 0Arno Sterck1992
2Chris Major19830 - 1Bert Van Ael1912
3David Bower19450 - 1Thomas Schurins1773
4Michael Flatt17500 - 1Hugo Van Steenwinckel1615
5Terry Douse16880.5 - 0.5William Portier1536
6Edward Magee16381 - 0Daniel De Grauwe1371
7Ray Claret15251 - 0Dirk Verschueren1150
8Peter Baker13141 - 0Marleen Sutens-
Total4.5 - 3.5

Visitors to St Albans

  • May 2015  Mechelen, Belgium
  • Apr 2013  de Uil, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Oct 2012  SK Borgen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Apr 2007  de Uil, Amsterdam, Netherlands